Mobile Messaging Solutions

We have the expertise in wireless network technologies, mobile messaging services and interactive media applications.

We innovate and monetize rich and relevant content & services through our robust proprietary mobile platforms to meet the changing lifestyle of the mobile generation.

Enterprise Solution
We can help you to increase effectiveness of your business strategies. In additional, a fast and cost-efficient way to reach mass customer base, your employees and managing your customer relationships, including services such as order status and reservations.

Some of our messaging solutions includes:
Corporate Messaging
+ Reaching your sales team or employee directly to their mobile
+ Time sensitive information to the market is critical
+ Simultaneously reaching the sizeable recipient at an instant

CRM Messaging
+ Reach out to your customers and suppliers directly
+ Permission-based segmental direct marketing
+ Allow "call-for-action" from your customers

Usages by corporation via our consultancy:-
Aviation, Media Publication, Travel Agents, Education, Retail Stores, Fast-food Chain, Hotel, Corporate, Logistics

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Mobile Messaging Marketing

The Opportunity

We want to sell you media space. But not just any media space. We want to offer you a chance to get your message on the most private and engaging medium known to your customers. Their mobile phones' Inbox.

With the growing influence of mobile phone culture in Malaysia, SMS Marketing offers a unique opportunity to marketers to realize previously unimaginable returns on their marketing budget. Mobile penetration in our country passed the 80% mark in early 2006, with subscriber numbers at the same time passing 20 million. In fact, did you know Malaysia has the second highest mobile penetration in South East Asia after Singapore? More importantly, Malaysia's mobile users have been extremely enthusiastic in their adoption of Short Message Service (SMS). More than 9,000,000,000,000 SMS were reportedly sent in 2005.

Ok, now we know there is a lot of Inboxes out there. But what’s so special about getting into one? What is it exactly that SMS Marketing can offer you that other mediums can’t? All are very good questions. Now get ready for some even better answers.

Be an intelligent Investor
We understand what you want from your money is not much different from what your customers want. Value. We believe you want your money to go as far as possible. To achieve the best result they can for your goals. If you agree, then SMS marketing is for you.

SMS marketing could push your ringgit even further thanks to it’s viral like properties. Basically a message you send to one customer, could possibly end up in the phones of everyone she or he knows…..and so on and so forth. You see a well executed SMS campaign is more infection than the common flu. If the customers are sufficiently entertained or rewarded, with a coupon for instance, they are likely to pass on the particular SMS to their loved ones thus making your message reach more people than you bargained for. Who says nothing in life comes free?

Be an Attention Seeker
Now, be honest. When was the last time you deleted an SMS without reading it? Your customers may miss advertisements on their newspaper, may change the channel on the radio or just tear up pamphlets left on their windscreens. But an SMS hardly ever goes un-noticed or unread.

Here’s Why

• Firstly an SMS looks the same no matter who sends it. This is a quality unlike any other medium where an advert is clearly defined and set apart from the general content. This ensures customers don’t easily tune out when exposed to your message.

• Another advantage over regular mediums is that an SMS does not need to constantly compete for the customer’s attention with other advertisements or promotions. A single page on a magazine could be cluttered with adverts but an Inbox only shows one message at a time.

• The low adoption rate of SMS marketing ensures its novelty and automatically sets itself apart from other forms of marketing. Be unique, be remembered.

Be always on Time
Here is the bad news. Time is not on your side. If your message reaches your customers too early, it may be forgotten. If it reaches too late… well let’s not even go there. You therefore need to be able to reach your customer on-time, anytime, anywhere.

With SMS marketing, you can plan your promotions to coincide with periods of low sales or create a sense of urgency and excitement by making a time sensitive offer. And since most people are never further than arms length from their hand phones, you can also rest assured that your message is received in a timely manner no matter where your customers maybe.

And be very very Specific
Now so far all we have told you is what you can do with only a mobile phone number and SMS marketing. What happens if we add a name, an age, region to that mobile phone number? Is becomes more target-marketing.

What does this mean to you? With SMS marketing you could send a promotional for a specific movie, at a specific time, to a very specific audience.

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